Billie Myers – I Hope You’re Happy Now

Hailing from Coventry, UK, but seemingly now finding her home in the US, Billie Myers is a singer songwriter and the first on our list in our search for the best original song out there.

Coming from her third album “Tea and Sympathy”, the track “I Hope You’re Happy Now” is rumoured to be one of her personal favourites off the album and while it’s not the happiest song that will ever meet your ear drums, it’s definitely one that leaves a real impact.

Poignant, relatable and emotive in terms of it’s lyrics it is however the vocal talents of Billie Myers that are really what makes this song special. With a talent that is severely lacking with most manufactured artists these days, Myers is able to bring as much emotion to the song through her vocals as she does through the lyrics.

Having had no official video released to coincide with the song, we bring you an acoustic version of “I Hope You’re Happy Now”, something which is probably going to give this singer an advantage over forthcoming songs because as any fan will tell you, this woman really comes into her own when you let her out of the recording studio and onto your stage.

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Billie Myers - I Hope You're Happy Now
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